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One Platform, Three Hotels

A Fresh Approach to a Complex Task

Safir Hotels, a prominent hospitality group, operating three distinct hotels, they aimed to simplify the booking process for their guests. However, a prior unfortunate experience with another agency had left them understandably skeptical. We understood the importance of creating a user-centered booking experience that would seamlessly integrate the three unique hotels.

We embarked on a collaborative journey with Safir Hotels, working closely together to achieve their vision.

This is how the website of Safir Hotels looked prior to working with us.

Understanding the Guest’s Perspective

Our first step was to gain a deep understanding of the guest’s perspective. We conducted extensive research, analyzing booking behaviors and preferences. Through user surveys and data analysis, we identified pain points and opportunities for improvement.

The three distinct hotels operated with separate websites and booking engines, a setup that had inadvertently bred complexity. As guests navigated the digital landscape, the intricacies of booking across these platforms often led to confusion.

The result? A significant number of potential guests, unsure about which site to choose, would opt out of direct bookings. This scenario not only hindered the rate of direct bookings but also incurred higher commissions paid to third-party booking platforms. It became evident that a streamlined, unified approach was needed to simplify the booking process and enhance the guest experience.

Initially, the header of the hotel chain’s website was packed with an abundance of information. While informative, this approach often overwhelmed visitors and distracted them from the primary goal—booking a stay.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient and user-friendly solution, our team embarked on a journey of transformation. We envisioned the header as an opportunity, a gateway to simplify the booking process and create a seamless experience for potential guests.

By strategically redesigning the header, we turned it into a booking machine, strategically placing essential booking options, special offers, and direct access to room availability. This streamlined approach not only reduced clutter but also channeled visitors’ attention directly toward booking their ideal stay, resulting in a significant boost in direct bookings and guest satisfaction.

Elevating the Role of Design

Design played a pivotal role in this endeavor. We believe that exceptional UI and UX design should be at the heart of every digital experience. To achieve this, our team of designers poured their creative talents into the project, focusing on creating a visually stunning yet user-friendly interface. Every element was meticulously designed to guide the user effortlessly through the booking process.

Enhancing the Room Subpage

As we delved deeper into improving the guest experience, we concluded that the primary reason many guests chose third-party booking platforms was the perceived advantage of better information and transparency. To address this challenge, our next area of focus became the rooms subpage. We recognized the need to provide potential guests with comprehensive and detailed information about the hotel’s accommodations. Our approach was two-fold: First, we aimed to add as much relevant information as possible about each room type, including features, amenities, and visuals. Second, we focused on simplifying the overlay that allowed guests to compare room prices effortlessly. By enhancing the rooms subpage in this manner, we not only ensured that guests had access to all the information they needed to make informed decisions but also created a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for comparing room prices, further encouraging direct bookings. This strategic improvement significantly contributed to our client’s goal of simplifying bookings and boosting revenue.

A User-Centered Triumph

The result was a user-centered triumph. Guests could now seamlessly explore all three hotels, compare amenities, and make bookings with unparalleled ease. The skepticism that once loomed had transformed into a confidence that reflected in the increased bookings and revenue.

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